Family Support

When choosing a home for your loved one, it’s likely that you will have a lot of questions. On our ‘Family Support’ page we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions for your convenience. Below you will also find full details of the types of care we can offer and an overview of a ‘typical day’ in one of our Caron Group homes. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss or ask.

Types of Care

Residential Care

In our residential care environments, we offer relationship-centred care to individuals who do not require their care to be overseen by a qualified registered nurse.

We support our elderly residents through difficulties which can be brought on by the aging process including frailty, loneliness, reduction in memory or decreased self-esteem. Our residential care settings offer a relaxed, dignified environment in which residents are assisted and empowered to maintain as much freedom and independence as possible.

Examples of when residential care may be suitable:

  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Dressing, undressing and taking care of physical appearance
  • Managing continence or incontinence
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Remaining mobile
  • Maintaining social contact and developing friendships
  • Assistance with administration of routine medication
  • Health circumstances that can be effectively managed by a district nursing team

Nursing Care

Nursing care is suitable for individuals that experience more complex health and well-being needs, requiring the coordination and oversight of a qualified nurse. We recognise that the physical and emotional needs of our residents are closely linked and offer support through a multi-system approach.

Our nursing care environments have a qualified nurse on duty 24-hours a day. Our nurses are aided in their delivery of relationship-centred care by our nurse assistant support staff, who are trained to meet the needs of our individual residents.

Examples of when nursing care may be suitable:

  • Complex medical conditions that require monitoring or prompt action from a healthcare professional e.g. unstable diabetes, swallowing difficulties or Parkinsonism
  • Specialised dietary requirements
  • Wound management
  • Advanced continence care including catheter care or replacement
  • Medication management and administration during end of life care

Dementia Care

Dementia is a term that describes a group of symptoms which lead to ongoing decline in cognitive function. Dementia can lead to memory loss, lessened thinking speed and mental agility, problems with understanding and language, difficulty carrying out regular daily tasks, altered mood and many other symptoms.

Our dementia-friendly environments within our specialist homes have been designed with a deep understanding of how symptoms can affect an individual’s ability to process information. We implement the use of colour, signage, reminiscence tools, music, open spaces and much more, to provide our residents with a sense of normality, belonging and control over their own lives.

All staff who support residents with dementia are fully trained and have a complete understanding of the fundamental aspects of dementia. Selected homes benefit from a full-time mental health nurse who utilises their in-depth knowledge to provide a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of individuals living with dementia and their families.

Technology plays a vital role in the well-being and safety of residents with dementia. From electronic safety devices which reduce instances of falls, to electronic sensory tables; we engage in the positive use of technology to improve the lives of our residents who require dementia care.

Palliative Care

By offering an understanding of the process of palliative care, we hope that we can offer comfort and consideration to residents, families and friends in the time before an expected passing.

Our focus during palliative care is to ensure that care is delivered in the most compassionate way possible. Experience has taught us that what most individuals want at the end of their life, is to be pain-free, comfortable and supported with dignity and respect. We endeavour to achieve these aims and comply with any previous decisions made relating to their death.

Specialist Care (Complex Nursing, Complex Dementia, Young-Persons Disability)

Selected home environments within the Caron group can also provide support to individuals whose needs are either more complex that what is often referred to as ‘typical’ and can support the needs of younger individuals with physical disabilities.

Complex nursing needs are considered to be practices in which qualified nurses are required to undertake further training and assessed as competent before they can practice the task.

Our nurses are always supported to undertake further training which contributes to their continuous professional development and to enhance their skills and abilities.

Examples of the complex nursing care we provide include:

  • Tracheotomy care
  • Advanced Wound Care
  • PEG management
  • Bariatric
  • Substance Abuse
  • Eating Disorders

Individuals with a diagnosis of complex dementia can be supported within our allocated environments that have been exclusively designed to support their needs.  By providing an individual with constant, allocated staff, it allows the individual to be supported with their safety, and to provide them with the opportunity to have personalized assistance and stimulation when required.

Staff who support individuals with more complex dementia have undertaken further training which provides them with a better understanding of the needs an individual and ensures personal safety is paramount.

Beacon Lodge is modern facility that is able to accommodate up to 6 younger individuals who require 24 hour support with their physical and emotional needs.  By empowering the individuals to maintain independence, retain social links and have choice and control over their lives, our dedicated support staff provide the opportunity for them to continue to live the life they choose.

Typical Day at Caron


Each day starts with a gentle wake-up call, by a compassionate member of staff, at a time of your choice. Our staff will assess your sleep and assist you to start the day. You will always be offered a bath or shower and the staff will assist you with personal hygiene as needed, including helping you to maintain healthy skin, eyes and oral care.

Your personal choices will always be respected, and the team will help you to maintain your chosen hairstyle and apply makeup or jewellery as you prefer.

Any required medication will be delivered by a trained member of staff, with clear communication, in a dignified manner.

All of our homes offer an excellent selection of breakfast choices from cereals or porridge to traditional cooked breakfasts. A selection of fresh fruit and fruit juice is always available, along with a choice of teas, coffees or water.

Morning activities are available for all individuals to participate in and all organised activities incorporate the likes and capabilities of our residents. Activity schedules vary at each of our properties, ranging from group events to personalised one-to-one sessions with one of our wellbeing coordinators. Alternatively, you may receive a visit from a friend or relative, or choose to read the newspaper, socialise or watch a TV programme of your choice.


At lunch time you will be able to choose from our menu of freshly prepared meals which have been designed to meet your dietary requirements and preferences. If you would like assistance with eating, this will be provided by our staff who will take time to ensure that you enjoy your meal at a pace which suits you.

In the afternoon, a further choice of group or individual activities will be available. Our ‘open door policy’ means that visitors can come along at any time during the day; although we find that many visitors call in the afternoons.

You can welcome your visitors in any of our communal areas, or if the weather is fair you may prefer to be assisted into one of our outdoor spaces to enjoy the fresh air. If you require privacy one of our private rooms can be made available, or you may wish to relax with your guest(s) in your own room.

Mid-afternoon you can expect a selection of drinks and snacks, often including tasty homemade cakes.

A freshly prepared meal is served for you to enjoy at teatime.


You can choose your own time to retire for the evening. Some of our residents prefer to get an early night or enjoy reading in bed before they fall asleep. Others like to stay up later and catch-up on their favourite TV programmes; sometimes with a tipple or two.

Regardless of your preferred bedtime, our staff will be on hand to assist you; whether you have mobility needs, require help with continence care or would like support with general daily tasks.


When can we visit our loved ones?

Families and friends are encouraged to visit as often as they wish or are able to. All Caron Group homes have an ‘open door’ visiting policy, meaning that families or friends can come along during the day times or evenings for as long as they wish.

Can we take our family member out for the day?

Yes. We value the dignity and independence of all of our residents and many of them enjoy days out with family and friends.

What can our loved one expect from the dining services at Caron Group?

All of our properties employ fully trained chefs who have in-depth knowledge and skills to provide healthy, nutritious and tasty meals, suited to each of our residents. We take time to find out about individual’s likes, dislikes and meal preferences; tailoring our menu to include foods they enjoy, at times they prefer.

Diet and nutrition are vital to our residents, to help them to maintain good physical and mental health, therefore we place great importance on the provision of food and drink that is appetising, enjoyable and adapted to suit specific dietary needs and requirements.

Our inclusive homes respect diversity and preference, so whether residents are observing Ramadan or following a vegetarian or vegan diet, we will tailor a meal plan which is suitable.

Residents who require help to eat, will be assisted by a member of staff to enjoy their meals at a suitable pace, which meets their needs.

What can we bring to our relative’s room?

Individuality is highly encouraged. Please bring anything you believe will make your loved one feel comfortable in their new home; pictures, ornaments or special items of furniture are all popular choices. We have safety requirements for electrical items and some furnishings. Also, if your loved-one wishes to have with them something that is of high monetary or sentimental value, we recommend having insurance in place e.g. via your home contents insurance. Please contact the home of your choice, or get in touch with our support team on 01895 622 500, if you would like further details of our guidance on high value items.

Our loved one is self-funding their care. How does this work?

Self-funding rates vary in each of our homes. You can contact the home of your choice for further information or get in touch with our support team on 01895 622 500, who are happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

What kind of activities are offered?

Keeping active is an essential part of life in all of our homes. Each home employs a dedicated wellbeing coordinator, who creates a programme of activities which is inclusive to all of our residents. Care and nursing staff assist in participation and ensure that all residents have the opportunity to join in with activities of their choosing.

The activities programmes in each of our properties are designed to promote health and wellbeing as well as create enjoyment and a lively, sociable environment.

From group activities like bingo, film nights or singing, to arts, crafts or gardening; there is always something to spark interest and enthusiasm. Some residents choose to continue long-term hobbies which they have enjoyed for many years, others find a liking for new activities and experiences.

What happens with our loved one’s laundry?

All Caron Group homes have a laundry service. Residents clothes are laundered and pressed as needed.

Any other questions

We’re here to help. If there are any questions you have about care in a Caron Group home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can communicate with your chosen home directly, and telephone numbers for each property are available on the ‘Our Care Homes’ page. Alternatively, request a call back via the ‘Contact Us’ page or telephone the support team on 01895 622 500.